PascalDE (pas-cal-dee) is a code editor/Integrated Development Environment (like Visual Studio or Notepad++) targeted at the Pascal programming language. Written in C# WPF, the code editor features syntax highlighting, autocomplete, error checking and compiler integration.

Development took place over the final year of a BSc Computer Science degree at the University of Hull. The Final Year Project includes the software and a 15,000 word dissertation. The project received a 90% grade and the ‘G B Cook Prize in Computing’ award for the ‘Best Project in the Honours Stage’.

PascalDE screenshot Main window: an open document and the search bar in use


  • Syntax highlighting of the Pascal programming language
  • Intelligent autocomplete of Pascal keywords, your variables, and other identifiers
  • Error messages for most Pascal grammar rules as you type
  • Compiler integration for command-line compilers
  • Modern and smooth user interface
  • Search for words and phrases in a file with context
  • Tabbed documents for quick access and editing
  • Fully customizable colors and settings
  • ‘Pin to top’ — keep PascalDE above other windows to read and copy text easily

PascalDE screenshot Start screen: quick access to file actions and recent documents with thumbnails

PascalDE screenshot Settings window: customise the syntax highlighting colors

PascalDE screenshot Compiler integration: compile your Pascal program from the IDE