Amulet is an “m-health tool for the self-assessment of alcohol-induced impairment”. It is an app that allows people to perform ‘mini game’-like tasks to assess how alcohol affects cognition. Users can test themselves while drinking alcohol and compare their performance to a baseline established while sober.

Amulet includes three different tasks for the user to test themselves with, a drink diary to keep track of units consumed, and a unit calculator.

The Android app was developed for the ‘Mobile Devices and Applications’ module in a third year Computer Science BSc course at the University of Hull. It received full marks during assessment.

Amulet screenshot Amulet screenshot The login and registration pages

All users must first create an account before using the app. Their data was then saved to the Cloud for backup and access across multiple devices.

Amulet screenshot Amulet screenshot The main menu and unit calculator

The app allows users to measure their alcohol intake in units. They can select pre-made drinks and measurements or create their own.

Amulet screenshot The Sequence task challenges you to tap all the tiles on the grid in numerical order from low to high

Amulet screenshot The pilot task challenges you to move the green square with your finger, while avoiding the red squares that move about the screen

Amulet screenshot The drink diary keeps track of drinks and units consumed