October 5th, 2014

My USA Roadtrip 2014 Part 1

In the summer of 2013 my friend Danny Brown and I started to think about going on an epic road trip aroundĀ the west coast of California. A year later we took ourĀ 4 week trip and visited Flagstaff in Arizona, Las Vegas in Nevada, and Los Angeles and San Francisco in California (among other stops). The trip was originally our friend Russellā€™s idea, as he wanted to see the group Nine Inch Nails play at the Hollywood Bowl. Unfortunately he couldnā€™t come with us, but by coincidence, we were still in LA when the show took place. In this blog post, Iā€™m going to try and account some of the things we did and saw. MORE

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July 27th, 2014

Thoughts on the Destiny Beta

I took a pre-order of Destiny just to get into the Beta. I was very skeptical of the game after watching ā€˜The Devilā€™s Lairā€™ trailer. It seemed very dull, and nothing we havenā€™t seen before. Very disappointing. However, the gameplay seemsĀ much better after playing the Beta. Controls are good, graphics look fantastic. There is a real feeling of polish that Bungie are really good at, even though this isnā€™t even the finished product. MORE

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