March 20th, 2016

A new PC build for 2016

For me, building a cool PC is as much fun as using it. When I moved to America, I couldn't take my PC with me -- it's just too big and heavy (and rather old now) -- so I decided I would build a new one from scratch. MORE

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February 13th, 2016

Readability: Slack vs HipChat

By now I've used my fair share of both Slack and HipChat (team-focused messaging services), and I couldn't figure out why I did't like Slack's user interface. I think I've finally figured it out. I was recently looking into the best layout for positioning labels in forms - vertical, above the input, or horizontal, inline and to the left of the input. I found this UX Exchange answer and subsequently this article. MORE

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February 8th, 2016

A walk through blog technologies

As with any programming project, I came across challenges and new technologies while writing the new blog website. This post describes my more interesting findings. Hopefully it might be helpful to anyone thinking of building a static blog too. MORE

February 7th, 2016

Introducing my new blog

Welcome! Today I make the switch from to Jekyll. I wrote a blog post before about building a new portfolio site with Jekyll on GitHub Pages, and I enjoyed development so much I thought why not build my whole site with this? MORE

December 13th, 2015

A day at Playstation Experience 2015

I had the opportunity to attend the Playstation Experience last Saturday in San Francisco's own Moscone Centre. This was the second expo I've been to, the first being Eurogamer Expo 2011 in London. MORE

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October 24th, 2015

A new portfolio

For a while now I've been looking at moving my blog to something self-hosted and more customisable. Ghost is what I would preferably like to move to, but in its current state it didn't have all the features I want. The blog will have to wait. MORE

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October 18th, 2015

A better terminal experience

Some tools I've picked up from working at GuideSpark include an OS X terminal replacement called iTerm2, and a shell replacement called Fish (Friendly Interactive Shell). There are probably tons of features but the main ones that stick out for me are: MORE

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September 26th, 2015

The start of a year in California

My university life has come to an end, and now I start a new one in the big bad world of work. Earlier this year I applied for a year-long paid internship in Silicon Valley with an organisation called the Silicon Valley Internship Programme. I have been fortunate enough to get an internship with GuideSpark as a member of their software engineering team. MORE

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July 16th, 2015

Code Generation as a Service

It's been a while since my last post, as I've been busy doing university work and figuring out a job for after my final year finishes this summer. Since April, I have been working on my summer project for my Masters degree. This is a bigger, longer project like PascalDE from my 3rd year, and will make up 55% of my final grade. MORE

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March 21st, 2015


A few years ago my friends set up a blog aggregation website to combine the computer science blogs from our university. Blogging was heavily encouraged by one of our lecturers Rob Miles, and I suppose it is why I am writing this today. Blogging is a great way to present your ideas and build a portfolio of work to show. There were a lot of blogs from our CS department and the site was a great way to keep up. MORE

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