October 26th, 2012

'Fighting, Toast, Party' Thing Game

We got our three words on Monday at the Three Thing Game auction. We had £500 of  ’worhtless cash’ to bid on words but we never won anything and all our words were chosen randomly instead. We got Fighting, Toast and Party. An interesting combination, I can’t really say anything about the game yet as it’s a secret until the 24h developing session. MORE

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October 12th, 2012

Introducing Flashdeck Preview for Windows 8

I have started work on Flashdeck Preview for the Windows 8 Store. Why the ‘Preview’ part of the name? Windows 8 is a new platform and I’m a new developer for it, so I have decided to make it clear in the name that this is an early concept of the app and at initial release will not be as full featured as the Windows Phone 7 version. Before Windows 8 general availability I hope to have at least the base features of the app working well and available in the Store. This would be the ability to add cards/decks, and then view, edit and delete them. I also hope to have a settings page, and the ability to search through your decks via the Windows 8 charms bar. MORE

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October 9th, 2012

The return of Uncle Mike's Recursive Prolog Party

Three Thing Game time has rolled round again! We didn’t get to compete in the semester one competition last year as it filled up really quickly. This year we were one of the first groups to sign up. Taking inspiration from Google’s ‘did you mean recursion?’ joke, we’re naming our team Did You Mean “Uncle Mike’s Recursive Prolog Party”? as a joke on repeating last year’s name. The team consists of me, Danny Brown and Nick Case, minus Shaun this time. I think we’ve learned a lot from last time about planning and organisation, and also about programming from the last months of Uni and over the summer. Odds of success are much higher so watch out other teams ;) MORE

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October 5th, 2012

Windows 8 on an SSD laptop

Oops, I forgot to make this post after the last one. So yes, I have installed Windows 8 on my laptop. I didn’t want to install it on my desktop yet as driver support hasn’t been fully completed and I didn’t want any of my most used programs and games messing up under the new OS. My Sony VAIO laptop has been really good as my main machine for a few years before I got my desktop PC, even if the fan is very loud. I thought the best way to breathe life into the old computer was to replace the HDD with a Solid State Drive. MORE

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September 23rd, 2012

Windows 7 cursors in Windows 8

I recently bought an SSD and installed Windows 8 on it for my laptop. I will hopefully write a blog post about this process soon. One of the things I noticed about the Windows 8 cursors that bugged me was the link hover cursor. It has a new curved base on it and I find it too big and out of place with the rest of the cursors and Windows 8 in general; as most things in Win 8 are square, not round. I was put off enough that I decided to make my own link cursor based on the Windows 7 one. It is the same as in Win 7 except the grey gradient has been removed to fit in with the other Win 8 cursors. I know it’s a little thing but I think it’s made a big difference as the link cursor is seen often when browsing the web. I much prefer it to the default one. MORE

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