March 21st, 2012

New Computer Build

About mid October last year I was informed I would be getting some grant money from the Uni. What better time to custom build my first personal computer (built 34 computers for small company before). Since then I've been researching components to make this the best computer I've had yet; shouldn't be hard as I've only ever had one computer to myself before, which is the one I'm typing this on. Here are the specs I've decided on so far: MORE

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March 20th, 2012

Rotating blades of death

This is one of two revolving doors entering the University Union building. It is also a terror to navigate due to the high traffic and tight space. I've already fell over in it once and it really hurts and its all dirty. MORE

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March 17th, 2012

Three Thing Game progress and 24h session

It's the morning before Three Thing Game starts, and our team Uncle Mike's Recursive Prolog Party have done a lot of work leading up to this point in order to get a working prototype done so we have less work to do during the 24 hour session. The menus look great (thanks Danny)... MORE

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March 10th, 2012

Email is now online

My email address is now up and running. It forwards it to an email account not with my domain registrar (Go Daddy). I was having trouble with it as the DNS records are not controlled by Go Daddy, they're with WordPress who handle the blog. I found the MX records had to be changed on WordPress in order for the email received at to be directed to my new forwarding address. MORE

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March 5th, 2012

Journey to the Edge

Just wanted to give a shameless plug for my A-Level Film Studies project 'Journey to the Edge'. I'm really proud of what Martyn (co-director), Charlie (actor) and I achieved, the scope was nothing We'd seen at A-Level standard before. MORE

March 3rd, 2012

Keyboard layouts can be frustrating

My friend Simon has a HP laptop with shortcut keys on the far left side of the keyboard (pictured above). He doesn't seem to mind this, but my other friend Danny (website here :D) and I have found this very annoying. MORE

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