Apple AirPods Review

Apple AirPods

I’ve been snagging my EarPods on door and drawer handles since my first iPod, wishing for the same comfort and styling without the pesky, tangled cables. So how excited was I when Apple announced the AirPods.

I was sensible enough to wait for reviews and opinions first before buying them. Unfortunately supply has been very limited, ordering them online would take 6 weeks for delivery. The best way to get AirPods right now is to check a site like every morning to check the stock of your nearest Apple store, and reserve for pickup the same day (which is what I did - they were only in stock for about half an hour).

The AirPods fit my ears as well as the EarPods ever did, and they feel slightly lighter too because of the lack of wires (impressive, since they have batteries, sensors, and whatnot instead). Sound quality is only slightly better than the EarPods. There is noticeably more bass but little else.

The charging case the AirPods come with is really neat. The sound it makes when the AirPods slide into their magnetised holes, and the lid closing, is really satisfying.

But why these instead of any other cheaper, wireless bluetooth alternative? It’s a personal choice. I find the EarPod design very comfortable, I hate the in-ear style that most wireless earphones have.

I own an iPhone and MacBook so you get features not available to other products, like play/pause ear detection and seamless device switching. I love being free from the EarPod wires, so overall, a big thumbs up from me.