Code Generation Service, now open source

#codebase #nofilter

It’s been almost a year since I finished my masters degree at the University of York, and I’ve finally gotten around to open-sourcing my dissertation project “Code Generation as a Service”. That sounds like the right amount of time to recover from stressful report writing and dealing with the Eclipse IDE.

The project is a web service that allows software engineers who specialise in Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) to process model-to-text transformations in the cloud. This provides advantages over traditional, local code generation such as:

  • Abstraction between generators (recipies for the transformations) and models (the input data).
  • Large, complex transformations can be offloaded onto fast servers.
  • The service can be used inside of other software without the user needing to install the MDE tools.

I’ve added some documentation on how it works and how to get the software running, and it’s available now on GitHub.