Introducing my new blog

Welcome! Today I make the switch from to Jekyll. I wrote a blog post before about building a new portfolio site with Jekyll on GitHub Pages, and I enjoyed development so much I thought why not build my whole site with this?

The advantages were clear:

  • I would have full creative control over the site now that it was up to me to design and implement it. I no longer had to use Wordpress themes and layouts.
  • It would be free to run on GitHub pages, and I wouldn’t have to pay Wordpress’s custom URL charge.
  • I can have both my blog and portfolio on a single site so they can be consistently themed.

The main drawbacks are the work that has to be done to migrate the site (now done!), and the loss of some extra features like email subscriptions and UX comforts, and admin access from the web (Jekyll is all local development but in theory I could build my own web admin panel).

Work started on November 20th last year, and it’s finally complete. I’ve tried to build all the usual blog features in, like search and RSS. I’ll try and write another blog post soon about the technologies I used. For now, thanks for reading and take a look around.