The start of a year in California

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My university life has come to an end, and now I start a new one in the big bad world of work. Earlier this year I applied for a year-long paid internship in Silicon Valley with an organisation called the Silicon Valley Internship Programme. I have been fortunate enough to get an internship with GuideSpark as a member of their software engineering team.

20150910Outside the GuideSpark offices

I arrived in California on the 3rd September, spookily the same day as when I travelled back home from my road trip last year (and from the same San Francisco airport). I’ve had a great time so far, first socialising with my fellow interns and developers in San Francisco, then starting my new job.

Some of the interns on the Silicon Valley Internship ProgrammeSome of the interns on the Silicon Valley Internship Programme

I’m currently learning and developing with Ruby on Rails for work, and I’m happy to now have free time to work on my own projects again once I settle down (I always felt guilty to stop working at university since there’s no fixed time for work outside of lectures). This is a fantastic opportunity and I’m really excited for what the rest of the year will bring.