A PascalDE success story

PascalDEpurpleA few weeks ago, someone contacted me on my site’s email address for help with PascalDE. This was a great surprise - I have never had someone contact me personally about one of my projects before. After helping him with his problem (how to compile code with Free Pascal), I found out he was a teacher in a Mexican secondary school and is using my application to teach his students Pascal.

He said he found PascalDE fixed a lot of the issues he has with other Pascal IDEs, such as:

  • They’re difficult to use.
  • Low resolution.
  • Limitations on compilers and execution.

These were also some of the reasons I decided to develop PascalDE in the first place. It was great to see that someone from the other side of the planet had found the application and it solved these problems for him. It’s also great to see PascalDE used in a learning environment as this is where I was using IDEs like Virtual Pascal and had usability problems on modern computers. An unexpected result, and it feels good to have my software help someone out.