My first real web project


I never took the web modules on my undergraduate university course, which I kind of regret now as my interests have shifted more from game development to application development. At the University of York I took the Service-Oriented Architecture module. For our assessment I had to create a Java web service to provide a Twitter-like social network. We also had to make a client for users to interact with the service.

The technologies I used included HTML, CSS, Java, SQL etc. I sometimes found HTML annoying to work with. Unlike XAML (which has nodes like stack panels and grids) there aren’t as many standard ways of creating a layout. Searching online for how to vertically align something, for example, leads to many different solutions that may not work with your project. I really liked using CSS though, and found it was a really powerful styling tool. It would be interesting to see it paired with XAML for layouts or used to style LaTeX documents more easily.

I’ve posted the project to my portfolio if you want to take a closer look.