I'm still happy about my game console choice


What an amazing day of E3 press conferences (or ‘media briefings’ as they are now called).

Firstly Microsoft, which had loads of great games on show. I’m really excited about Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It will be great to replay Halo 2 in HD. It’s a bit of a shame there’s no graphical upgrade to Halo 3, it will look the most dated compared to the other games. It’s interesting to see multiplayer for every game included. I’m hoping they will combine the playlists into one, which would be awesome. With over 100 maps, you would rarely get a repeat. Not sure it’s going to happen though. Sunset Overdrive looked great. I think it will play better than it demos. Looking forward to that one. CoD: Advanced Warfare was unfortunately very boring. It’s a shame considering how they said this game was supposed to be a big change.

The EA conference was quite boring. I wasn’t interested in many of the games they showed us. I’m skeptical about Dragon Age after the steaming mess that was DA2, but it looks good. Mirror’s Edge looked the most promising, and the first game was fantastic.

Ubisoft was a real standout. The games they showed looked very impressive, though we should be wary based on the Watch Dogs E3 demo. Aisha Tyler was a fun host, I’m glad she was back for this year.

Finally Sony. There were quite a few surprises in there, luckily all multiplatform, like No Man’s Sky, GTA V and Batman. I found their first-party lineup to be quite lacklustre. I’m very happy with my decision to buy an Xbox One now. The exclusives look awesome, like Halo, Sunset Overdrive and Crackdown. We still get all the best games on multiplatform, like all the Ubisoft games, GTA V, Batman, and Mirror’s Edge. And great monthly updates to the Xbox UI/UX like the Achievement snapped app they demoed in the Pre-Show. The only thing I feel I’m really missing out on at Sony is Ratchet & Clank, one of my favourite game series. However I missed last-gen without much of a fuss and I’m sure I will get to play them on PS3 soon enough. Yes there’s some post-purchase dissonance reasoning going on here, but if I’m enjoying myself without harm, it sounds pretty good to me.