My orrery is trippin'

I’ve made lots of progress on my JavaScript orrery coursework for the 2D Graphics module. I only have a few more features to add now, unfortunately some of them are the big ones like koch snowflake and gravity simulation.

During development I tried removing the background from the program so the images of rotating planets remain on screen after they have been drawn. This causes a cool psychedelic effect and I’ve made a few screenshots to show you. Maybe I should start selling them as art? :P





One more thing, Flashdeck got rejected from the Windows 8 Store today because there were too many ‘coming soon’ messages (i.e. missing features). I understand why they don’t allow things like this but it is annoying I won’t be able to get an app in the store for a while now. It won’t be in the Store for a while now I think. I had the whole summer for the Windows Phone version, and I worked on that every day. Flashdeck has a lot of features and it will take a long time to implement them all for a proper 1.0 release. Oh well.