‘Fighting, Toast, Party’ Thing Game

We got our three words on Monday at the Three Thing Game auction. We had £500 of “worthless cash” to bid on words but we never won anything and all our words were chosen randomly instead. We got Fighting, Toast and Party. An interesting combination, I can’t really say anything about the game yet as it’s a secret until the 24h developing session.

I also got into the Windows 8 Elite programme this week after submitting Flashdeck to the Win8 Store. I’m not too happy with the current state of the app but I needed it to be out of the way quick before TTG and coursework starts. I will work on updating it in my spare time. I’m really pleased to get into Elite as it will get me more opportunities with upcoming Microsoft products and events.

To wrap up, the 24 hour session is happening real soon and I hope I can get enough sleep and make it all the way to the end. Look out for more on the game soon but for now, prepare for TOAST