Introducing Classic Pong for Windows Phone

I decided to take a break from Flashdeck a few weeks back as I was getting fatigued and frustrated at making the same thing for so long and I had encountered a few challenges. In that time I’ve worked on a fun side project in XNA.

I decided to make a Pong clone for Windows Phone and it is finally finished. Features include:

  • Classic Pong gameplay
  • Use the colours of your Windows Phone theme
  • Use the orange and blue colours of Valve’s Portal game
  • Sound effects
  • Two game speeds
  • Multiple score limits
  • Persistent settings
  • Share your scores on social networks
  • Play by yourself against a AI opponent, or against a friend in multiplayer

It’s been good making something in XNA again after Sweepy Cleaner, and not as challenging, which is what you want in the Summer break. I submitted the game today, so should be up on the Windows Phone Marketplace next week. I’m looking forward to it!