More Cheap Ass Gamer app news

Time for an update to my previously mentioned Cheap Ass Gamer App. I’ve been doing a lot of work to the user interface of the app, as the functions have been implemented since my last blog post about the app and are working fine (I think). The UI is important in a app like this, as it’s all about accessing content easily.

After some feedback on the usefulness of the podcast controls, I decided to make a new page in the app specifically for the currently playing podcast. This page allows you to play, pause and stop the podcast. I have also made a progress bar that doubles as a scrub bar. The user can see the current position of the playing podcast and drag the bar around to move to different times. It’s been a bit challenging to make it work fluidly. I will make another blog post discussing how to make a audio progress bar, as there are no in-built events for the Background Audio Player for this. I’ll keep working on it and I hope to get it marketplace-ready soon :)

UPDATE [19/06/2012]: It’s been submitted, yay! I’ll write a new blog post when it’s available to download.