Avengers, assemble!

A.K.A - Avengers: not a Loki affair …yeah (Minor spoilers ahead maybe)

I saw the Avengers film on Wednesday. It was fantastic. Well acted, fantastic cinematography, good pacing, just great. The action scenes were really well-made and thought through. This was a really nice change after the bad action from Hunger Games (although the rest of that film was great) and decent but more of the same action from Transformers: Dark of the Moon, two films I’ve seen that were released recently. There was one shot in particular that blew me away, where the camera flies through the city as each Avenger kicks mo’ fo’ing ass. It was exactly what the film needed to make it stand out and be better than just a good movie.

A few criticisms, the plot was a bit poor, maybe they were going for a Saturday morning cartoon thing but I was hoping for it to be a bit more deep (as Dom Cobb says, “we need to go deeper”). Also, I didn’t really see much of a threat from the enemy, which spoiled the experience somewhat as the tension wasn’t as high as it cold have been. The main bad guy was pretty pathetic, he was just an arsehole. He gave such high threats and spent so much time with the good guys (not even fighting them) that by the time his armies showed up, the Avengers were so prepared they couldn’t lose. The script was solid though, and there was some genuine humor that was great.

So go and see it if you have any interest in the fiction, the genre, the previous films or whatever. Definitely worth it.

Image by A13xander on DeviantArt, which I am now using as a wallpaper :P