It lives!

Over Thursday and Friday I’ve been building the computer and its finally finished! Here come a lot of pictures from the process:

Got the components out and the RAM in the motherboard.

The beastly fan was time consuming to install. The CM Hyper 212 Evo comes with a mounting for both AMD and Intel for most of their CPUs, so its confusing trying to get the right setup for my configuration. Really happy that it fits, as you can see there isn’t much space between the fan and the RAM.

The graphics card is in. Here’s something that grinds my gears, they have this aesthetically-pleasing plastic part which they call the front but it always faces the bottom of the computer, and the ‘back’ faces the top which is a nice circuit-board but in a horrible brown colour. Bah!

A mess of wires before I connected it all up and performed cable management. Ooh Coco Pops!

The screws that come with the MegaFlow 200 are crap, they strip their thread really easily. The fan itself is great. I Macgyver’d two of the holes by buying some nuts and bolts and it seems to work well.

The finished product! It took me two days to build, which my friends tell me is a long time but wanted to take my time and make sure it all worked.

Close up of the red LED fan.

OMG, I found a normal size twiglet in the mini twiglet box! :P