Dem graphics.

The graphics card arrived today. I went for a EVGA Nvidia GTX570 HD Superclocked. I know I was told I should just get the GTX 560 TI but I couldn’t resist going a bit further for the 570. I don’t want to have to change graphics cards for a while so I thought it would be better to get the best I could now rather than wait and spend more money later.

Got some more tools for the job today as well. Got a set of screwdrivers to err, ‘drive screws’. Also got a crossover cable so I could directly network my laptop to the new PC and transfer files without using an external HDD or something, which should speed things up :)

In other news, I’m working on Sweepy Cleaner again. Adding a kitchen level and creating a level manager to sort out the flow of levels. Have run into a few bugs while implementing it so will have to fix them up. That’s all for now.