Why do we fall, Bruce?

“…So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” - Thomas Wayne

Three Thing Game has been and gone, along with its highs and lows. It was a great day and night, up until we started getting tired and grumpy around 3AM Sunday, and we realised our game was far from completion when dawn rolled around.

Find out more about why here at Danny’s blog. I won’t iterate as its already been covered and I’m still tired :P

So while we weren’t successful on the competition side of things, we learnt a lot about teamwork and code management (never use a memory stick as the primary project location, kiddies!) and looking back our game wasn’t too shabby. We had:

  • Full graphics including ones for weapons and an unimplemented enemy
  • Working gameplay
  • Working highscores
  • The basis for a settings menu
  • Sounds ready to be implemented

I reckon if we had more time (and the increased brainpower that comes from good old-fashioned sleep) our game would had been a lot more impressive. I would like to see it up on the Windows Phone marketplace in the future but I suppose that’s up to the programmers (I only touched the code to fix a bug that had been plaguing Sean for hours).

Make sure to check out John and Russell’sShear Carnage’ (sheep pun har har) which got 2nd place. I’m really looking forward to seeing that on the marketplace and then on my phone in the near future :)

Also The Infamous Two Sirs game ‘Pocket Stardust’ was incredible and I wish it was on a platform I could play it on (perhaps a port?).

Cheers to Nick for staying until the end to show off Grandad Invasion. Sorry I left but I was way too tired and I knew we had already lost.

I would like to do it again next year if we had proper subversioning in place for code and a more planned approach to design. I also request at time for sleep at about 2 or 3 AM to 6 or 7 AM. Some say its wasted programming time, but I need it if I’m ever to make it through to the judging. So I leave you with 2 more photos…

Uni library and some flowers I saw on my break when I went for a walk outside.

The team and our things. Thanks for the good time, everyone!