It's a Three Thing Game post!

You may have read about this on several other blogs (see for more, I’m not goign to list them here :P) and Rob Miles’s blog, well I’m not one to break a trend.

Three Thing Game is a competition in Computer Science at our University where teams attempt to develop a game based on 3 words you are given at the start of the week. At the end of the week there is a 24 hour development session over the weekend with yummy pizza. We got our words on Monday, they are Grandad, Invasion, Gas Works.

Teams and Words

Our team is Uncle Mike’s Recursive Prolog Party, an ‘in joke’ at our Uni. Here’s the logo I made for us:

After some brainstorming, our team (Danny, Nick, Shaun and I) decided on the name ‘Grandad Invasion: Battle of the Gas Works’ to be our game. We’ve got some good ideas so stay tuned.