August 26th, 2023

Goodbye Jekyll, hello Astro

Last summer I became aware of Astro, a static site generator that promised a great developer experience and performance. I gave it a go and thought it was very promising, but it was missing a critical feature of my existing blog generator, Jekyll. This year, they released v2.0 with the feature, and I've been so impressed with the framework I had to migrate my whole blog! MORE

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August 20th, 2022

Making the switch to Visual Studio Code

I've been using Sublime Text for web development since I left university, and I'm the only person I know who still does. I've gotten very comfortable with it, and the performance is excellent. Everything happens instantly, and it feels like there is absolutely no friction between me and the code - which is really what you want from a code editor. MORE

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August 3rd, 2022

Don’t get into mechanical keyboards

It all started when my mouse broke, which I've had for about five years. The new model was fairly inexpensive so I went ahead and bought it, and was pretty happy. MORE

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December 19th, 2021

Building theme parks in Parkitect

During this year's Steam summer sale I picked up Parkitect, a theme park builder and spiritual successor to Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. And it turned into one of my most played games this year. MORE

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November 18th, 2020

PC Upgrade 2020

I enjoy chronicling my PC builds on the blog, mainly so I can refer back to them when the time comes to upgrade. That time is now! MORE

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