March 10th, 2012

Email is now online

My email address is now up and running. It forwards it to an email account not with my domain registrar (Go Daddy). I was having trouble with it as the DNS records are not controlled by Go Daddy, they’re with WordPress who handle the blog. I found the MX records had to be changed on WordPress in order for the email received at to be directed to my new forwarding address. MORE

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March 5th, 2012

Journey to the Edge

Just wanted to give a shameless plug for my A-Level Film Studies project ‘Journey to the Edge’. I’m really proud of what Martyn (co-director), Charlie (actor) and I achieved, the scope was nothing We’d seen at A-Level standard before. MORE

March 3rd, 2012

Keyboard layouts can be frustrating

My friend Simon has a HP laptop with shortcut keys on the far left side of the keyboard (pictured above). He doesn’t seem to mind this, but my other friend Danny (website here :D) and I have found this very annoying. MORE

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